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About Professional Quotient

Professional Quotient (PQ) is a new psychomedical approach in the field of human behavior at work. It is developed in the light of recent neuroscientific data, new concepts in behavioral sciences, and medical facts. PQ is about mental abilities that are necessary for individuals, groups, or organizations to be successful in professional life. It consists of 5 elements which provide a theoretical framework for productivity and success. The concept of Professional Quotient constitutes a systematic check-up instrument which also takes medical factors into consideration as an essential component of well-being at work. PQ ensures that the approach towards the human factor at work is based on scientific and systematic grounds and the well-being of the employees is taken into account as well as their performances.

The Five Elements of PQ

The five elements of the PQ Model have different neurobiological and behavioral correlates which are dynamically applicable to professional conditions.

For the article "A Multidisciplinary, Psychomedical Model for Behavior at Work: Professional Quotient (PQ)” in the Practice Makes Perfect column of the Canadian Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology (CSIOP) newsletter October 2017 issue, please click here.

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T. Hakan Yoney

Prof Dr. Yoney
Prof. Dr. T. Hakan Yoney, MD

Dr. T. Hakan Yoney started his academic career at the University of Marmara School of Medicine in 1986 and became a professor of psychiatry in 2001. He worked at the National Institutes of Mental Health (Bethesda, USA) on brain mechanisms of mental disorders. He has focused his work on human behavior in professional life and he was the consultant and supervisor of psychological services for the first Employee Assistance Program in Turkey for many years. He developed the concept of Professional Quotient with the aim of integrating brain sciences, medicine, and behavioral sciences into organizational behavior practices. Professional Quotient framework illuminates the fundamental mechanisms that drive individual, team, and organizational growth and performance. He is interested in ... well-being issues at work, mental skills that are involved in professional success, their neural correlates, and how these skills can be developed.

He has two published books:

1. Yoney, Hakan. Mutlu ve Başarılı Bir İş Yaşamı için Profesyonel Zeka PQ. (Professional Quotient PQ for a Happy and Successful Professional Life) Remzi Bookstore, 1st Edition 2007, 2nd Renewed Edition 2014.

2. Tıpta Uzmanlık Seçimi. (Medical Specialty Choice) Hakan Yoney, Dilek Gogas (Editors), Marmara University Publications, 2009.

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